Lunar Label

Wall Corbel


Beautiful hand carved wall corbels to adorn the walls of your sacred space with. The perfect little shelf for displaying treasures, creating altars and visual story story telling. I use my corbels throughout my house and studio to display art, crystals, jewellery, photographs and foraged treasures. 

Designed by me and lovingly made by a small artisan woodcarver in the hills of Ubud in Bali. Each corbel has a wall hook at the rear for easy hanging with a nail on the wall. All corbels has been sanded back by hand by me to create a beautiful aged effect as I prefer everything looking perfectly imperfect. (I trust you will too)

- 100%Hand Carved wood

- Extremely limited numbers

- Beautiful gift for someone close to your heart

- Approximately 23cm (height) x 19cm (width) x 11cm (depth)



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