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Vintage Batik Robe - #2.


These beautiful one of a kind robes are made from patches of vintage Batik fabric sourced from the beautiful island of the God's and Goddesses; Bali. Each is unique piece of fabric tells a story and is embellished with little thoughtful details to create a robe rich with otherworldly charm.

Batik is an ancient Indonesian wax resistant dying technique created to make beautiful textile designs in in usually cotton and silk fabrics.  Although there are thousands of different batik designs, some have traditionally been associated with festivals and specific religious ceremonies. Previously, it was thought that certain cloth had mystical powers to ward off ill fortune, while other pieces could bring good luck. Batik designs are also used for depicting certain regions, families and rankings amongst communities and are a way or 'wearing' one's origin with reverence and pride. Batik is still a much loved dying technique in Bali, Java and Indonesia and continues to inspire modern day textile design globally. 

You can choose to wear your robe as a classic bath robe at home or also as a kimono or duster over your clothes. I love to cloak myself in mine during quiet moments of ritual at home to help me connect to my practice. 

. 100% Cotton hand made in Indonesia

. Reversible design

. Beautiful mid-weight breathable fabric

. Completely unique and one of a kind

Please Note*; All robes are made from 100% recycled and vintage fabrics. Some of these patches are very old and may have little imperfections and colour variances. I trust you find these unique charms only add to the magic of these special pieces. 



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