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The Time Traveler Jumpsuit - Old Gold

$109 $149

The Time Traveler Jumpsuit instantly takes you to a time of magic and old world refinement. An uplifting breath of fresh air; the subtle tailoring and elongated silhouette has you walking with a pep in your step and head held high in no time. After almost 2 years in tracksuits it is a most welcome addition to our wardrobe. Reach for it on days where escapism and Time travel is needed. And perhaps to look forward to wearing it upon our debut's to a more 'normal' way of life again. Whenever and wherever that may be in time.

Subtly tailored and ultra flattering the Time Traveler Jumpsuit features long wide leg trousers, elasticated high waist at rear, a flat bib like bodice, ruffled side pockets, a traditional 'overalls' style adjustable straps and round sea shell buckles as fastenings. 

Old Gold is a beautiful khaki green with a luminous golden glow. A colour inspired by the tarnished gold trophies and vases Mum and I have collected from vintage stores and Antique shops in Daylesford .It Pairs beautifully with brown or black boots for an ethereal yet effortless look for day or night. 

- Timeless, classic style

- Ultimate comfort without compromising on style

- Versatile piece to dress up or down

- Adjustable straps to customise fit

- Made from 100% Heavy weight Rayon

Size Info:

This Jumpsuit is available in sizes XS,S,M,L,& XL. Like most of our pieces it is designed to be free flowing and gently tailored, so sizing is simply a guide for you to choose how you would like it to fit you. We have sized it according to the design's desired silhouette, so we recommend going for the size that translates to what you would usually wear. However as this is a slightly generous fit and can be adjustable; if you would like to go up or down a size to customise the fit to your desired look go for it.

In the images above I am wearing the size S.

In this piece the sizes above roughly translate to accomodate for the following Australian Sizes:

XS = 6-8

S = 8-10

M = 10-12

L = 12 - 14

XL = 14- 16

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