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The Swan Blouse - Terracotta Rose


Swans are an animal and sentiment I find simply beautiful. A symbol of everlasting love and My Mum's favourite subject to paint. With long elegant necks, soft feathers ethereal natures, they conjure up the same feeling of romance that this beautiful pussy bowed blouse delivers upon buttoning up it's delicate seashell buttons. Old fashioned, charming and supremely feminine the Swan Blouse takes us to another place, back to a time of love letters, candlelit first dates and long strolls in moonlight. 

Made from double layered mid weight Rayon It features voluminous billowing sleeves, a gentle tailored waist, seashell buttons, trumpet cuffs and a long tie to wrap around your neck in a bow or leave loose and free flowing.

Wear tucked into our 'Fae Skirt', 'Petal Pantaloons' or 'Time Traveller Jumpsuit' for an unforgettable outfit. 

Terracotta Rose is a beautiful dusty pink with warm terracotta hues. Supremely flattering n all skin tones and versatile with any shoe colour. 

- Classic timeless piece

- 100% Hand dyed Rayon 

- Super soft, double layered Rayon 

- Beautiful and versatile to customise to your mood

Size Info:

This Shirt is available in sizes XS,S,M,L,& XL. Like most of our pieces it is designed to be a gently tailored fit. We have sized it accordingly, so we recommend going for the size that translates to what you would usually wear. However, if you would like to go up or down a size to customise the fit to your desired look go for it!

In the images above I am wearing a size S and Mum a size L.

In this pieces the sizes above roughly translate to accomodate for the following Australian Sizes:

XS = 6-8

S = 8-10

M = 10 -12

L = 12 - 14

XL = 14- 16


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