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The Star Crossed Lovers Choker

$75 $109

An extremely beautiful and delicate necklace for a special occasion or ceremonial gift. It features 3 very rare, faceted Watermelon Tourmaline gem stones in ombre tones suspended between two rows of super fine sterling silver chain. 

Watermelon Tourmaline Properties:

Release + Love + Joy

Watermelon Tourmaline is the 'super-activator' of the heart chakra, linking it to the higher self and fostering love, tenderness, and friendship. This stone instills patience and teaches tact and diplomacy. Alleviating depression and fear, it promotes inner security. Watermelon Tourmaline assists understanding of situations and expressing intensions clearly. It treats emotional dysfunction and releases old pain. It also helps one to find joy in situations. 

 . Extremely beautiful

. Faceted (cut and polished) Watermelon Tourmaline to reflect light

. Ombre Tones (each gemstone has been cut from the beautiful varying colours of the stone; pink/purple, green/grey, grey/white)

. High grade and rare gemstone

. Limited stock to ensure exclusivity

. Choker Style 33cm with 4cm of extra loops

Please Note*

Each choker will slightly vary in colour due to the natural gemstones used but will never stray too far from the above images. Please understand that colour combinations and gemstone colours may slightly vary as no two stones are ever exactly the same. We think this only adds to the beauty of them and hope you do too.

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