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The Pentacle Necklace

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The Pentacle is a famous symbol used in Wicca culture as a talisman and symbol of the earth element. It is also in the tarot deck as one of the Minor Arcana representing Earth or divinity manifesting in matter.

A beautifully magical symbol which is said to link you to the moon and heighten Psychic energies when forged from Silver. 

A beautiful choker style necklace with a modern take on an ancient beloved symbol. 

- 100% Sterling Silver  

. Super delicate 

. Adjustable length

. Chain measures 33cm with an extra 8 links 

. Can be worn as a choker or on last link will sit as a short necklace 

. Extremely beautiful 

Please Note*

This necklace is extremely delicate; (which is what makes it so beautiful) but due to its 'choker' style it means the links are put under a little extra pressure than a normal necklace as it sits tight around your neck. To ensure it's longevity please treat it with the upmost care. Do not wear whilst sleeping, swimming or exercising and please adjust the length to your neck accordingly to avoid putting unnecessary strain on the links.


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