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The Moon Maiden Signet Ring - Silver


The Moon Maiden Signet is a very special tribute to all the Moon femmes out there like me who live by the moon and feel the magnetic pull of it's powers. She is the light that guides us all and all though at times the turbulence can be challenging, she teaches us that, like her we all wax and wane and flow through the magical cycle that is life. Without darkness we wouldn't know the light. 

. 100% gold plated sterling silver

. Classic signet ring style

. a very special piece produced in limited numbers only

. Looks amazing by itself or layered with all of your faves

. Designed in Australia and made with love in Indonesia

Size Info:

There are many different ways to measure ring sizing which is why we try to make is simple with S (small), M (medium), L (large) and XL (extra large). If you would like more specific sizing info these are what are sizes convert to:

XS = 48 mm in circumference, US size 4.5, Aus/ UK size  I.

S = 52 mm circumference, US size 6.5, Aus/ UK size L.

M = 55 mm in circumference, US size 7.5, Aus/UK size O.

L = 58 mm in circumference, US size 8.5, Aus/ UK size Q.

XL = 60 mm in circumference, US size 9.5, Aus/ UK size S.


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