Lunar Label

The Indian Princess Ring - Garnet

$25 $49

 The paisley shape of this beautiful ring reminds me of the Indian printing blocks used to make the border prints on gorgeous Indian fabrics.  It's delicate filigree setting and luminous Garnet gemstone makes it fit for a princess. 

-  100% Sterling Silver

- available in XS, S, M ,L

- Garnet Properties info card included

 Garnet Properties:

Success + Prosperity + Healing + Strength

Garnet is believed to attract prosperity and abundance and is often prescribed to improve productivity and physical activity. Red Garnet is also a cure for depression and low self esteem. It can help strengthen your survival instinct, improve courage and increase sex drive. In ancient folklore Garnet was used as a talisman and was worn on the chest plates of high priests.  



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