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The Floating Rainbow Fluorite Bubble Necklace

$40 $65

Beautiful Rainbow Fluorite bubble, threaded through the finest of sterling silver chains to give the illusion the Fluorite is floating on your neck. Magic!

. 100% Sterling Silver chain and polished Rainbow Fluorite. Each necklace will slightly vary due to no two stones being exactly the same but all are a very similar size and on the same length chain

. Chain length is short  (32cm) with an extra 4cm of adjustable links

. Gift-wrapping, printed property description and jewellery pouch included

. Rainbow Fluorite varies in colour between purples to green please select which colour tones you would prefer and we will do our best to cater to this 

Rainbow Fluorite Properties 
Intuition + stability + clarity
Connects you to your higher self to ensure you remain calm and focused. The combination of different colours makes this stone a very helpful stone to have around. The green element aids access to intuition, while the blue brigs spiritual awakening. The purple brings common sense to psychic intuitions. Yellow brings understanding and manifestation to intuitions and clear aligns all the chakras and helps you see what you are holding back in your spiritual evolution.  Rainbow Fluorite also aids concentration, and helps decision-making. A lovely stone to have with you whilst studying or in your work place to help you stay focussed and on task.

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