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The Affirmation Range - I AM LOVED

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I have been lucky enough to sell crystals in loose form and as a part of my jewellery for about 8 years now. Both Online and in my little studio. It has been an incredibly moving, humbling and insightful journey.

In this time i have found that the 5 most common reasons people are choosing to buy crystals for themselves or for loved ones are:

. For matters of the Heart (weather that be love, loss, pain, trauma, self love, sending love and or receiving love.

. For healing (weather that be from emotional, physical or spiritual pain)

. For Stress and Anxiety ( help reliving this and providing support and assistance in coping with how stress and anxiety impacts everyday life)

. Spiritual awakening (and or spiritual guidance, direction and improving their relationship with the universe)

. Protection ( against negativity, energy leakage, danger or ill intentioned people)

Upon reflection of this i have decided to use my experience to create a little range of crystal necklaces to help with each of the 5 most commonly requested reasons people seem to be seeking help with. There is 'I am loved', 'I am healing', 'I am calm', 'I am spirited' and 'I am protected'.  Each necklace features a carefully chosen crystal for it's specialised properties in the matter and is accompanied by an affirmation to help you on your journey towards a more happy, healthy and enlightened life. 

Each necklace comes with an informative post card detailing the Stone's properties and a beautiful affirmation for the wearer to recite and empower the stone and themselves with.

I am Loved

The I am loved affirmation necklace features beautiful 3 polished pieces of angelic Morganite and an engraved sterling silver plate with the words 'I am loved'. I chose Morganite to help with people seeking a stone to help with matters of the heart. 


. 100% Sterling Silver and high grade polished Morganite

. Available in 2 lengths 

. 40cm which is a classic short length and 50cm which is a classic mid length

 . Extremely precious gift for yourself or someone you love

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