Lunar Label

Spirit Quartz Cluster 2.


An incredible Snow Quartz Cluster to treasure in your home forever. A truly special one of a kind piece that will powerfully transform the energy of your sacred space for the better. 

A cluster formation has many points growing from the one base. They can be small or large. Clusters radiate energy out into the surrounding environment and can absorb any detrimental energy. They can be programmed and left in a special place to do their work. They are especially useful for cleaning rooms or cleansing other crystals. 


Spirit Quartz Properties

Love + Comfort + Reassurance

Spirit Quartz (also known as Cactus Quartz) envelops one in love. This beautiful stone opens one to self-forgiveness and self -love. It invokes a feeling that ‘everything is going to be alright’, in the sense that we are destined for love, deserve love and do exist in that love right now. It takes one to a state of warmth, gratitude and abundance. Also a useful stone for cleansing and charging other crystals.

Please Note*

Crystals are a natural product and no two are the same. This is what makes them so unique and special. Please treasure the subtle differences between them. Colours, shapes and sizes may slightly vary piece to piece. It is normal for crystals of any form to have planes and flaws within them; they are what tell the crystal's story and only work to enhance the power within them. 

Upon ordering; your piece will be cleansed, blessed and packaged with it's property description card, love and care. 

This particular product is priced and sold individually. The images above are of the exact piece you will receive if you choose to purchase this particular stone.


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