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Selenite Wands


Luminous Selenite wands to help you tap into your inner witch and wizard or bestow white light and protection upon your sacred space.

Crystal 'wands' are a type or formation used traditionally by healers, shamans and metaphysicians for centuries. When using your wand it is important to consciously allow universal healing energy to flow in through your crown chakra, down your arm to the hand holding the wand and then into the wand where it is passed onto you or whomever you are working with. 

Selenite Properties:

Protection + Peace + Safety

Selenite is named after Selene, Greek goddess of the Moon because of its moon-like glow. It brings mental clarity and helps one to access angelic guidance. Selenite quickly unblocks stagnant energy and instils a deep peace where you choose to place it. It makes a wonderful protection stone. Place a selenate in the corners of your home to create a peaceful, safe environment that will not be disturbed by outside influences.

Please Note*

Crystals are a natural product and no two are the same. This is what makes them so unique and special. Please treasure the subtle differences between them. Colours, shapes and sizes may slightly vary piece to piece.

Upon ordering; your piece will be intuitively chosen, cleansed, blessed and packaged with it's property description card, love and care. 

This particular product is priced and sold separately.

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