Paisley Wedding Dress

$70 $155

The Paisley is a vintage inspired vehicle for us to portray the spectrum of colour in the sunset. A sunset makes us stop, look up, and rejoice in the Real Life Magic. The crisp sky blue becomes a periwinkle, with flecks of lilac, soon overcome by out of this world pinks that one could never reproduce on paper or fabric, creating those magical 'fairy floss skies'. As the sun protrudes behind the horizon, we experience a rich warm palette of oranges and rusts,  a magnificent end to the sky show. 

 The Wedding Dress is a beautiful dress inspired by the very dress Annie's mum wore on her wedding day. A beautiful 70's number that both of us instantly fell in love and with and received Elizabeth's blessing to use as the basis for creating the shape of this playful piece.

It features:

. A gorgeous high frilled neck

. Puffed shoulders

. Elasticated billowing sleeves

. Invisible side pockets

. Shell button opening

. Elasticated waistband 

. Frill trimmed tiers of our beautiful fabric

A gorgeous and ultra flattering style thanks to the diagonal shaped waistband and tiers, made super wearable as a result of the midi length. Pair with boots, sneakers, sandals, wedges or whatever your heart desires and enjoy the nostalgic feeling of this beautifully feminine piece. 

Size Info: 

This dress comes in 4 sizes. XS, S, M and L. They loosely translate to the following standard Australian sizes.

XS: 6-8

S: 8-10

M: 10-12

L: 12-14

This dress is true to size and is designed to have a cinched in waist and fitted upper body with a free flowing lower half. For optimal fit we recommend choosing your usual size or going up 1 size if you prefer your clothes a little roomier.

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