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Moss Agate Tumbled Stones


Polished Moss Agate tumbled stones to offer new beginnings and growth wherever they go. A classic tumbled size measuring approximately 2cm in diameter. 

A tumbled stone crystal will have a very smooth surface. This is created by tumbling a group of crystals over and over again until all abrasions are polished. These are popular for carrying in your pocket or bra to sooth, heal and reassure you throughout the day.

Moss Agate Properties:

Growth + New Beginnings + Abundance

Known as the gardeners stone for it's affinity with nature and its natural tendency to produce growth; Moss Agate is loved for it's ability to bring balance, stability and wealth to one's life. It attract's  prosperity, clarity and success. Moss Agate is also wonderful for connecting you to the magical Mother Earth energy to instil deep inner peace and faith in the divine. As a stone of new beginnings it attracts new business and greater success and  expansion of existing business. Deeply grounding, Moss agate encourages the appreciation and emersion of oneself in nature to spark joy and link to the natural cycles and wisdom of Earth.

Please Note*

Crystals are a natural product and no two are the same. This is what makes them so unique and special. Please treasure the subtle differences between them. Colours, shapes and sizes may slightly vary piece to piece.

Upon ordering; your piece will be intuitively chosen, cleansed, blessed and packaged with it's property description card, love and care. 

This particular product is priced and sold separately.

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