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The Mermaid Bubble Necklace

$49 $69

Inspired by my love of old fairy tale illustrations particularly 'The Enchanted Sea's ' by Ida Rentoul Outhwaite, where a magical Mermaid is pictured holding up a luminous iridescent bubble. The necklace is a tribute to those bubbles and to wonderful mystical imagery that has enchanted my imagination since i was a little girl. 

. 100% Sterling Silver super fine chain with Opalite 'bubble'

. Incredible light catching necklace that positively glows off your chest

. changes colour with the warmth of your skin and reflects whatever colours you are wearing

. available in 3 different lengths

. 38cm  length sits in the small gap between your collarbone

. 42cm sits just beneath the collarbone

. 45cm sits in the centre of your neck

Opalite Properties 

Gentle + Calming + Angelic

A very gentle, calming stone and is ideal to have in your work space or in situations that may be difficult or tense. This stone can help us to achieve our goals and to be successful, particularly in business. This is of course, as long as our intentions are good.  It also attracts a radiant force to any environment & links with Angelic energies. Helps achieve a deeper, more peaceful sleep


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