Lunar Label

Heart Song Ring


A gorgeous gold plated ring with a hanging faceted Garnet centre stone. Wear layered with your favourites or give the gift of the stone of vigour and passion to a very special loved one.

Garnet Properties

Success + Prosperity + Healing + Strength

Garnet is believed to attract prosperity and abundance and is often prescribed to improve productivity and physical activity. Red Garnet is also a cure for depression and low self esteem. It can help strengthen your survival instinct, improve courage and increase sex drive. In ancient folklore Garnet was used as a talisman and was worn on the chest plates of high priests.   

100% Gold plated Brass + Turquoise

- Available in 4 sizes: XS, S, M and L 

- Comes packaged in cotton Lunar Label pouch with Turquoise Property info card 

Size Info:

There are many different ways to measure ring sizing which is why we try to make is simple with S (small), M (medium) and L (large). If you would like more specific sizing info these are what are sizes convert to:

XS = 52 mm circumference, US size 6.5, Aus/ UK size L.

S = 55 mm in circumference, US size 7.5, Aus/UK size O.

M = 57 mm in circumference, US size 8.5, Aus/ UK size P

L = 60 mm in circumference, US size 9.5/ UK size S

Please Note*

As this ring is made from gold plated Brass; it can in some cases leave a feint mark on the skin when you sweat or wash your hands. It is just the oxidation of the metal and will go away within a few hours of removal. It is not harmful to the skin.  

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