Gratitude Journal by RLM

It is said that a grateful heart results in a happy mind, body and spirit.

When we slow down and acknowledge the small triumphs and miracles of our day, we give ourselves the space to really LIVE rather than just exist. Time flies by, but just a few moments to ourselves to bookend the day can really start to change the way we see, hear, feel, smell and experience this wild and wonderful adventure we call life. 
Gratitude is more than just an idyllic word, it is a mindset that has the ability to transform our wellbeing and consequently change us for the better. 

Watch for the magic in your cyclic rhythms as these pages unfold and marvel at the wonder of you and your surroundings. 
Witness yourself unfold petal by petal.
Rejoice at the beauty hidden in the chaos.

You just may discover that 
like nature itself, 
are in fact Blooming. 

And will continue to bloom again and again. 
One page at a time.



A beautiful gratitude journal created by collaboration 'Real Life Magic' to use as an mindful practice to your daily rituals. 

The Handcrafted journal is inspired by notebooks of yesteryear and enriched with thoughtful touches and beautiful details. The recycled paper is soft and allows your pen to glide along with your heartfelt entries. Measuring at an A5 size they are lightweight, beautiful and make the perfect gift for yourself or someone close to your heart.


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