Fauna & Flora Slip Dress

$87 $109

The most obvious Real Life Magic of our world: the Fauna & Flora in which it naturally produces. Although the most obvious, it can also be the most overlooked. Those of us that are lucky enough to be aware of its beauty, live a more fulfilled & grateful life. Noticing the iridescent shine on a beetles back, the symmetrical perfection that is a flower, and the gradient of colour within a singular leaf. The pure 'Real Life Magic' of Flora and Fauna grounds us, whenever we're feeling caught up in the hustle of a conditioned life. It gives us purpose and perspective. Beauty is all around us if we open our eyes. 

This gorgeous slip dress is such an effortless, easy and adjustable shape. Purposefully simple we made this piece for you to throw on all though summer. Wear on top of bathers at the beach, with heeled boots for night or layered with a tee and Connies for day.

It features:

. A flattering subtle a-line shape

. V-neckline

. Adjustable straps

. Shell button detailing

. Belt loops with detachable tie belt

. Two thigh splits and is a gorgeous midi length.

Use the belt and belt loops to customise your desired fit and shape. I love loosely tying to the front and lifting the top half of the dress up and over for a more casual look. For night I like to pull the belt to the back for and the wrap around to the front for a tighter and more cinched in feminine silhouette.

Size Info:

The slip dress comes in 4 sizes. XS, S, M and L. They loosely translate to the following standard Australian sizes.

XS: 6-8

S: 8-10

M: 10-12

L: 12-14

This Dress is true to size. We recommend choosing the size you would normally comfortably wear for optimal fit.

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