Dream Journal by RLM

When we close our eyes we are transported to other worlds, dimensions and realities. In our Dreams we are boundless and free to explore the magic of the universe, our imaginations and the inner realms of our subconscious. 
When we listen, watch and learn from our sleep state; we can receive messages from the divine and gain a greater understanding of ourselves and what is happening around us. 
By recording our night time adventures we start to see patterns, symbols and hidden meaning in the mundane. And soon it becomes clear that the magic lies not only behind our closed eyes....
But in those of us whose eyes also dream when they are wide awake.
Dream big sweet soul xx


A beautiful dream journal created by collaboration 'Real Life Magic' to record your dreams and help to connect to the hidden messages of our sleep state.

The Handcrafted journal is inspired by notebooks of yesteryear and enriched with thoughtful touches and beautiful details. The recycled paper is soft and allows your pen to glide along with your heartfelt entries. Measuring at an A5 size they are lightweight, beautiful and make the perfect gift for yourself or someone close to your heart.


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