Lunar Label

Divine Femme Ring


A gorgeous gold plated ring with a Rainbow Moonstone centre stone. Wear layered with your favourites or give the gift of the stone of Goddess energy to a very special loved one.

Rainbow Moonstone Properties: 

Moon connection + Goddess Energy + Balance

A magical stone that has long been linked with the moon and therefore the cycles of the moon and the tides. It assists in celebrating our own milestones and life events and also in the acceptance that as the moon waxes and wanes, so does our own lives. Moonstone teaches patience, and assists in accepting divine timing rather than our own frantic pace. It is a wonderful stone for stabilising and balancing female cycles and improving fertility. Also a lovely stone to have during pregnancy and childbirth due to the supercharged feminine energy Moonstone possesses. This maternal energy  will support and nurture women as they begin their journey through motherhood.

  100% Gold plated Brass + Rainbow Moonstone

- Available in 4 sizes: XS, S, M and L 

- Comes packaged in cotton Lunar Label pouch with Turquoise Property info card 

Size Info:

There are many different ways to measure ring sizing which is why we try to make is simple with S (small), M (medium) and L (large). If you would like more specific sizing info these are what are sizes convert to:

XS = 52 mm circumference, US size 6.5, Aus/ UK size L.

S = 55 mm in circumference, US size 7.5, Aus/UK size O.

M = 57 mm in circumference, US size 8.5, Aus/ UK size P

L = 60 mm in circumference, US size 9.5/ UK size S

Please Note*

As this ring is made from gold plated Brass; it can in some cases leave a feint mark on the skin when you sweat or wash your hands. It is just the oxidation of the metal and will go away within a few hours of removal. It is not harmful to the skin.  

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