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Crystal Cure Necklace 'spark growth' - Moss Agate


A lovely little pick me up when you need a little assistance to grace through the day. This delicate crystal necklace features Moss Agate beads to offer growth and abundance.

This necklace is made up of a sterling silver chain with sporadic spacings of tiny Moss Agate beads and charms. It also has extra links to allow it's length to be adjustable. All together measuring at 40cm. Wear layered with your faves or on it's own to 'spark growth' and new beginnings to your days.

 Moss Agate Properties:

Growth + New Beginnings + Abundance

Known as the gardeners stone for it's affinity with nature and its natural tendency to produce growth; Moss Agate is loved for it's ability to bring balance, stability and wealth to one's life. It attract's  prosperity, clarity and success. Moss Agate is also wonderful for connecting you to the magical Mother Earth energy to instil deep inner peace and faith in the divine. As a stone of new beginnings it attracts new business and greater success and  expansion of existing business. Deeply grounding, Moss agate encourages the appreciation and emersion of oneself in nature to spark joy and link to the natural cycles and wisdom of Earth.

-100% Sterling silver and Moss Agate

- 40cm in length with an additional 5cm of adjustable links

- Packaged with a Lunar Label cotton pouch with Moss Agate property info card

- A beautiful gift for yourself or someone you love 

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