Lunar Label

Crystal Cure Necklace 'Spark Energy' - Carnelian


A lovely little pick me up when you need a little assistance to grace through the day. This delicate crystal necklace features Carnelian beads to uplift and energise. 

This necklace is made up of a sterling silver chain with sporadic spacings of Carnelian beds and charms. It also has extra links to allow it's length to be adjustable. All together measuring at 45cm. Wear layered with your faves or on it's own to 'spark energy' and revitalise your days.

Carnelian Properties:

Sex drive + Vitality + passion

Bright brilliant Carnelian is a powerful stone that was used by the ancient Egyptians for its connection to fertile mother goddess Isis. It is said to stimulate blood flow and influence the reproductive organs of both sexes. It is traditionally used for the consummation of love and to rekindle passion. It will enhance desire, restore vitality and stimulate creativity in your love life but and in all aspects of your life. Carnelian also evokes confidence and helps overcome sexual anxieties as well as protects you against envy, rage, or resentment.

-100% Sterling silver and Carnelian 

- 40cm in length with an additional 5cm of adjustable links

- Packaged with a Lunar Label cotton pouch with Carnelian Property info card

- A beautiful gift for yourself or someone you love



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