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Crystal Care Box - 'Protect my Energy'


Needing a little protection and guidance from your angels? ‘Protect my Energy’ might be your answer. A little crystal care pack designed to help keep your precious energy in and other’s negative energy out. Featuring Black Tourmaline, Hematite, Fire Agate and Labradorite; my personal favourite stones I use to protect myself every day. All packaged together with love and care to save some time and funds when trying to choose crystals for yourself or loved ones.

Ever started the day feeling wonderful only to end it feeling miserable for no apparent reason? It’s possible you may have experienced energy leakage or absorbed the energy of somebody else. These carefully chosen stones will help to form an impenetrable shield around your aura to ensure you are protected from this all too common phenomenon. They will also ground your energy down to Earth to help you feel stable, centred and clear as you navigate your day. These crystals will also assist with connecting you to your Angels and Guides to ensure your intuition is also tuned in to your highest self. Perfect for empath’s and highly sensitive beings who feel, sense, see, hear and experience the energy of others more intensely.

To 'work' with your crystals you may carry them with you throughout the day, create a scared altar with them, mediate with them, create elixirs with them, sleep with them beside your bed or wrap your New Moon Manifestations around them. Intuitively use these crystals for however long you feel need to receive their healing and blessings. 

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