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Crystal Care Box - 'Mummy to be'


This is a little crystal care pack is designed to offer support as you embark on the adventure of a lifetime.

 The journey from Maiden to Mother.

Carefully selected stones to help you feel calm, empowered and connected to spirit before, during and after the birth of your little one. And with that the birth of yourself.

May they bestow endless love and healing upon these previous and sacred times. xx

This Crystal Care Box features stones Rainbow Moonstone, Pink Chalcedony, Rose Quartz Seer Stone, Carnelian, Peach Aventurine and Aquamarine all packaged together beautifully with information cards on how each stone will serve this sacred transition. 

A beautiful gift to give yourself or a loved one as birth beckons at the horizon. 

Upon placement of your order your crystals are cleansed and blessed, ready for your enjoyment. We recommend continuing this sacred process every so often to ensure they serve their highest potential.

There are many different methods for cleansing your crystals. We recommend placing them in open water such as the ocean, in the rain, rivers, creeks or anywhere there is fresh water. Ask for your crystals to be cleared of any stagnant energy and leave them to dry in the sunlight. You can also charge them under the Full Moon each month to renew their healing powers.

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