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Crystal Care Box - 'Ignite my fire '


Feeling a little lack lustre, creatively stuck, energetically drained or sexually blocked? Believe it or not all these issues are linked and ‘Ignite my fire’ might be the pick me up you need.

A little crystal care pack designed to offer a surge of energy and healing to the 2 chakras that can so often be blocked; causing us to feel a little 'blah'. Featuring Aragonite, Orange Calcite, Sunstone, Moonstone and Lemon Chrysoprase ; my personal favourite stones I reach for when working on energy lethargy, sexual/creative blockages, loss of direction or lack of confidence. All packaged together with love and care to save you some time and funds when trying to choose crystals for yourself or loved ones.

These carefully chosen stones will help you to dislodge any stagnant energy stuck in both your Solar Plexus and Sacral Chakras that may be preventing you to live to your highest potential. As sexual beings we store and process all our experiences through these 2 powerful centres. So often stress, guilt, shame, worry, fear, inadequacy can live here as a result of unprocessed trauma. Which left for long enough can really slow us down, resulting in a number of health ailments. Help liberate yourself, restore balance to your hormones and inject some passion back into your life with the combination of these powerful stones.

To 'work' with your crystals you may carry them with you throughout the day, create a scared altar with them, mediate with them placed on your solar plexus (navel area) and sacral (pubic bone) chakras, create elixirs with them, sleep with them beside your bed or wrap your New Moon Manifestations around them. Intuitively use these crystals for however long you feel need to receive their healing and blessings. 

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