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Crystal Care Box - 'Calm my Nerves'


Feeling a little overwhelmed, uncentered and anxious? ‘Calm my Nerves’ might be your new best friend. A little crystal care pack designed to offer calm, peace and soothing comfort. Featuring Blue Lace Agate, Blue Calcite, Lepidolite, Smokey Quartz and Howlite; my personal favourite stones for dealing with my own anxiety.

Packaged together with love and care to save you some time and funds when trying to choose crystals for yourself or loved ones.These carefully chosen stones will help to calm down racing thoughts, ground nervous energy, blockout white noise and bring you back to a state of stability and tranquility. Your secret weapon for when the day ahead feels like an impossible mountain to climb.

To 'work' with your crystals you may carry them with you throughout the day, create a scared altar with them, mediate with them, create elixirs with them, sleep with them beside your bed or wrap your New Moon Manifestations around them. Use intuitively for however long you feel need to receive their healing and blessings. 

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