Lunar Label

The Floating Blue Obsidian Necklace (mini)

$29 $49

Beautiful piece of teeny tiny irregular shaped Blue Obsidian, threaded through the finest of sterling silver chains to give the illusion the Blue Obsidian is floating in that little gap between where your collar bones meet. Magic!

. 100% Sterling Silver chain and polished Blue Obsidian. Each necklace will slightly vary due to no two stones being exactly the same but all are a very similar size and on the same length chain

. Chain length is short but not quite a choker (38cm) with an extra 3cm of adjustable links

. Gift-wrapping, printed property description and jewellery pouch included

 Blue Obsidian Properties
Communication + articulation + Travel
Blue Obsidian stimulates the throat chakra so that one can freely express thoughts and feelings with clarity. It is helpful when learning new languages or travelling to foreign destinations as it improves articulation and pronunciation of new words and expressions. The cooling and soothing  energy of Blue Obsidian helps with issues relating to the throat area and helps one to view life with calmness and serenity.


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