Lunar Label

Cherub Necklace - Gold Plated


Like so many of you I have always adored Angels, in their various depictions and denominations. I truly believe they exist and that we each have our very own Angels that watch over us, gracing us with their divine guidance. 

I particularly love the way are depicted in beautiful renaissance paintings as cherubs with wings and flowers or with bow and arrows. Looking peaceful, innocent and gorgeously roly-poly. This necklace is a little nod to these beautiful beings. It is my hope that with it, comes Angelic guidance or just the simple reminder that we never walk alone. 

If there has ever been a time for Angelic intervention I think we can all agree it is now.

- 100% Gold Plated Sterling Silver super fine chain

- 100% Gold Plated Sterling Silver cherub charm holding a bow and arrow

- 40cm in length with an additional 5 links for adjustability

- Layer with other faves or on it's own

- A beautiful gift for yourself or an Angelic loved one in your life

 Please note*

These necklace is gold plated. To preserve the gold please be cautious with getting it wet. Try to avoid swimming, showering and exercising in it to preserve the gold plated finish.

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