Lunar Label

Raw Aquamarine


Raw chunks of beautiful Aquamarine to add to your collection of traveling stones or for a special place in your home or workplace. Measuring at approximately 2.5 by 2.5 cm, although as they are all raw chunks; shape will vary more between each piece. 

Raw crystals have had less human interference than other polished forms. I believe both to be equally powerful but do enjoy seeing the natural texture of raw crystals and their perfect imperfections. 

Aquamarine properties

Courage + Ocean energy + Fearlessness

Aquamarine resonates with the energy of the ocean. Ancient tales said these stones were the treasure of mermaids, making them traditional talismans for luck, fearlessness and protection.  A supportive stone for people feeling hyper sensitive to other’s thoughts and emotions or feeling overwhelmed with responsibility.


Please Note*

Crystals are a natural product and no two are the same. This is what makes them so unique and special. Please treasure the subtle differences between them. Colours, shapes and sizes may slightly vary piece to piece.

Upon ordering; your piece will be intuitively chosen, cleansed, blessed and packaged with it's property description card, love and care. 

This particular product is priced and sold separately.

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