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Abalone Shell


A beautiful Abalone shell to incorporate into your cleaning practice, use as a vessel for holding precious treasures or to simply enjoy as a treasured pice of Mother Nature's magic.

 Abalone shells have been used to safely burn herbs in smudging cleansing rituals for centuries. It is a beautiful and ceremonious way to clear your sacred space of any negative or stagnant energy. Abalone shells are deeply connected to the ocean and its purifying energies. They are said to be deeply healing and offer protection and emotional balance. Abalone shells emit a shielding and tranquility blessing wherever they are placed. 

- 100% Abalone Shell 

- Ethically sourced within Australia

- Unique one of a kind piece

- Measures at approximately 9.5cm by 10cm 

Please Note*;  These Abalone shells are a natural product. Each piece is different and will have little imperfections and colour variances. I trust you find these unique charms only add to the magic.  xx

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