Lunar Label is an ethereal clothing, jewellery and lifestyle label inspired my magic, the universe and feminine energy, designed by Jordie Luke.


Jordie's inspiration comes from her love of nature and magic. She designs from her home studio in the trees of beautiful Bellbrae and works with her small artisanal team in Bali to bring her creations to life. Jordie works closely with her team of tailors and seamstresses to perfect  fit, fabric and dying techniques before the final product is approved for production. Although time consuming this process ensures the most flattering and comfortable end result. After previously fitting so many different shapes and sizes in both her store and then studio over the 9 years of retail frontage; Jordie feels she has acquired just enough knowledge to formulate the perfect pieces to accommodate for what woman want to wear and cherish for many years.

A similar approach is taken with all Lunar Label jewellery. Jordie travels to Bali with her designs to work with silversmiths and jewellers to turn her jewellery dreams into beautifully delicate sterling silver and gold plated realities.

Jordie believes the best part of her job is it's rewarding nature.  She claims there is nothing better than hearing how her pieces have made her customers feel; effortlessly beautiful and empowered in their own skin.

She hopes that her label can help women have those little moments  of magic with themselves and encourage them see the beautiful, powerful and enchanting creatures they are.

According to Jordie;  'Lunar Label is for the believers, dreamers, nature marvelling moon femmes who look up rather than down and choose to see the light in this remarkable world we live in.' 

 You can shop Jordie's creations here or in person in the small amount of boutiques that stock Lunar Label.