Venus Retrograde

Venus Retrograde. As of today (the 13th of May) until June 25th Venus; the planet of love, affection, beauty and money will be in retrograde for the first time in 2 years. What does that mean? Well we may feel a little more sensitive than usual in the areas of our life that Venus rules. Ie relationships, devotion, connection, love, romance, attraction, pleasure, sexual energy, aesthetics, finances and intimacy. Retrogrades can have negative connotations but I try to see them as an opportunity for 'learning' hehe even if it is a little disconcerting. This Venus retrograde may have us thinking thinking thinking as it falls in the Air sign of Gemini who rule with their heads and intellect. During this time you may find your thoughts go a little rogue. Either wandering backwards on past relationships or fretting about the current or future. It may even bring past flames back from the dead. This is not an invitation to panic, rather a reminder to stay in your own truth and be calmly aware and assured if anything rears it’s head.(in the subconscious or physical world.) Venus retrograde will shine a light on sensitive aspects of our relationships. This is in fact very beneficial as it will provide us with the opportunity to stop and look at the way we relate from a birds eye view. During this time we will discover the habits and behaviours that are standing in the way of our ability to form, develop and sustain deeper connection. A time to re-asses and rethink but try not to react 🥴 until the Venus retrograde is over. This may be difficult as some of us may be affected by Gemini's desire for freedom and independence with others more inclined to lean towards dependancy or neediness as a result of all the retrograde induced uncertainty. Either way these six weeks will no doubt invite some open communication. With not just the ones we hold closest but with ourselves too and only good can come out of that!
Return to the fact that this will pass and just enjoy the nuggets of gold you will mine along the windy ride. Many Blessings angels xxx

Image: Raphael, ‘The Voyage of Galatea,’ 1511