'Towards Dawn' a new collection of treasures xx

It is with great pleasure that I bring you 'Towards Dawn'; my latest instalment of treasures born from the moments of light and dark that have been the year 2020. Amongst all the uncertainty and challenge I wanted to bring some little beacons of joy and comfort inspired by the slower, inspired, and humbled existence I have found myself in the past couple of months.

Although initially shocking and dramatically challenging for my tiny business i have found myself relishing in the hidden beauty that comes from isolation, as we are forced to move and exist closer to nature than ever before. Like so many I am still learning to cope with the world's shocking state of affairs every day. My heart is heavy for the monumental loss we are enduring as a whole. But with each day that dawns I can't help but feel closer to a better tomorrow. I have been deeply moved by the change of pace this year has forcibly placed upon us. I can see how prior to now, even I was so caught up in the race of life. Always rushing, crumbling from the pressure I placed on myself and never really feeling 'enough' for our fast world. This year has been the wake up call I desperately needed and I don't think I'm alone in believing it is perhaps the wake up call we all needed. To slow down, listen, sit in gratitude, open our eyes, open our hearts and focus on what is actually important. Sometimes things need to get dark in order for the light to shine bright again.

I chose to shoot these pieces at home and on myself firstly for safety reasons but secondly to give you a little portal into the activities and rituals that have brought me joy during this time. I am incredibly privileged to live with many furry friends and an abundance of wide open space. Something I will never take for granted. These pieces have been designed to support and encourage you to spend more time doing the things that serve your soul.  It may be moving meditations in nature, snuggling up to a good book, marvelling at the ever changing flora and flora in your area, preparing wholesome meals or brews in the kitchen or simply being still and taking a few moments to breathe some love into your body. They are to be interchanged between trackie days when you are wanting something that feels a little more luminous but don't want to sacrifice any ounce of comfort. 

As always they have been created with deep love and hold the magic of the beautiful Balinese women who have helped me create them. 

These are the pieces that have served me as I loosen my grip, surrender my plans, fall deeper into the sacred feminine and unfold petal by petal. Towards dawn. 

I pray they do the same for you. For however dark today may get; we must not lose faith in tomorrow. It is such a sacred gift to uphold xx