Solar Eclipse In Cancer

Today is a big day! Happy Winter Solstice and Solar Eclipse in Cancer. As my mother would say; 'what a doozey! This New Moon is one of the most (if not the most) powerful New Moon's of this year. As always New Moons are a time of planting seeds, new beginnings, manifesting and intention setting. With this New Moon x Winter Solstice combo we are sitting exactly at the half way point of 2020. We are standing on the precipice of all that was, and all that will be. A time for great reflection and planning; this New Moon gifts us the perfect opportunity to either stay the course, steer ourselves back in the right direction or jump ship entirely. This Solar Eclipse falling in nurturing, sentimental and family oriented sign Cancer is an open invitation to connect to our heart. Cancerians are the natural 'feeler's' of the zodiac but of the 3 water signs, tend to keep their emotions protected by a hard exterior. They know how to deeply nurture themselves and their loved ones. They are wonderful at setting healthy boundaries to ensure the bubbling brook of fluctuating thoughts and feelings are tended to in the comfort and privacy of their own homes. Cancerians are deeply maternal and caring. They also know that one has to fill their own cup first to ensure one is always giving from an overflowing source of energy. With this in mind, today we are invited to get cosy and go inward. Let's learn from our Cancerian brothers and sisters and really use this time to Mother our hopes, dreams and desires for the remaining half of this year. Let's reflect on all that we have learned and been taught already this year.
Are their still areas that need a little more work? Are there certain desires that haven't been met yet? Are there practices in place that are deeply serving us? And in honour of the Cancerian spirit; how can we support our family members on both an intimate and worldwide scale?
To really harness this energy I suggest writing down all you wish to co-create with the universe for the second half of this year. Get specific and get creative. However you choose to spend this Winter Solstice celebrate what was and has been and honour what is rising. ✨All my love Always x x