New Moon in Leo 19/08/20

Moon in Leo 🦁
Tonight we are gifted with a New Moon in creative, fierce and expressive Leo. A beautiful refreshing lunation to bring about a surge of creativity to us all. Yay! 🔥🥳
Where do you need that lively burst of courageous heart felt Leo energy?
Your love life? 🌹Your career? ⭐️Your relationships? 💗Your finances?💸
New Moon's are for setting intentions, manifestation and working with the magnetic force of the moon to pull towards you all that you desire.📝
The Leo in us dare's to dream and doesn't for one moment question worth or capability. 🎇
Over the last couple of days you may have felt this subtle change. 🥀🌹Confusion is lifting around situations that felt like road blocks and are instead presenting new possibilities. 🤸🏼‍♀️ You will likely intuitively know what is rising inside you🔥. Now is your time to really explore that. 👀Even if it's just for a moment, entertain those crazy ideas and ask for guidance and blessing to get the wheels in motion💃🏼. You are a magnificent being who truly deserves their desires to be met. Their prayers answered. Wishes granted. 🧞‍♀️
In this case it really doesn't hurt to ask. So what are you going to ask for? Don't be shy. 💁‍♀️If you are blessed to be a magnificent Leo be your Golden and Lionhearted self. Reach for the stars! 🦁🦁🦁And if not try on Leo's incredible spirit for size🐈🐈. Feel her fire, her pride and relish in her passionate ability to own the stage that is her life. 🙋‍♀️
This New Moon is trine Mars. The planet of action, willpower and dynamism. ☄️It is a lovely echo to this already courageous Moon. Leo says 'Shine!' 💫and Mars says 'Now!' 💥
You are being asked to never forget you are the lead role not the support act. And YOU are the only leader you need to create the beautiful life you yearn for. 🌞🌻⭐️🌾🪐☀️⭐️🍯
Sending you all New Moon blessings xxx Much love xxx
Image found via @Pinterest cannot for the life of me find the artist or title but if anyone knows please share xx