New Moon in Aries 12/04/2021

Today we welcome the New Moon in the beautiful fire sign Aries. I feel like there really is a sense of 'newness' in the air with this Moon. I can really feel those gentle nudges becoming more forthright and immediate under the influence of Aries season , and I have to say I am not sad about it. With Easter last week and the gorgeous sunny days it brought us, it felt like we were given a 'final hurrah' of the beautiful weather and carefree ease, the beginning of a year offers. Now that it has passed I feel like it is 'go' time. The cold is starting to set in and I get a sense that 'the party is over. I am feeling a real PUSH to start actioning all those intentions I made back in late December January and am finally feeling ready to do so.
Aries offers confidence, courage and passion. It inspires action and really does provide us with the motivation and faith in ourselves we may not always have at the ready. If you are really wanting to make something of the next couple of months; now is the time to really work on manifesting those goals. 
You may be feeling a lot of chatter in your mind with this moon and a real sense of urgency. This can cause us to feel slightly ungrounded and out of breath. If like me you wish you could just slow down time for a moment and press pause to catch up, I highly recommend working with pen and paper. Do a big 'brain dump' and get out all those whirling thoughts, feelings and ideas out onto a visual reference point for you to detangle. I find this really helps me to connect back to self and feel far more in control of this fast paced energy. 
From there you will also discover what it is your higher self, your emotional body and your physical self is communicating with you. There will likely be a 'theme' or some woven threads between the muddle which you may wish to use as some manifestation points for this New Moon. I love to write these points down and wrap them around a crystal like Pyrite, Fire Agate or Orange Calcite to magnetise the magic and place under my pillow or upon my altar until the next full moon. 
Sending you all so much love and Abundance xx

Crystal support suggestions for this New Moon Are:
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Orange Calcite -  Orange calcite gets the positive energy moving through your body in particular in the areas of creativity and sexuality to ensure any problems standing in the way of you reaching your full potential are dissolved.  It helps to remove lethargy fog and fear of failure to execute ideas and finish projects and aspirations in totality. Wonderful for enhancing the energy of this Aries new Moon to really harness its ability to help us make positive change. 
Fire Agate- As the name suggests; Fire Agate will set fire to anyone who uses it. It will increase your personal power to dispel your fears and helps you stay on the right path. Extremely protective it will help to form an impenetrable shield around your aura to ensure your energy is contained within for your use only and to send any negativity back to wherever it came from. With strong connections to Earth energy it will bring passion and life to endeavours and make you feel good to be alive! A great Crystal to have under the influence of Fire sign energy (like this Aries season and New Moon) as it will harness this potency of this courageous energy whilst also grounding you down to Earth to feel calm whilst doing so. 
Pyrite - A stone of action, vitality and will.  This crystal Inspires confidence and persistence. A Protector, drawing energy from the Earth. It Supports one with a spirit of boldness and assertive action.  It also helps to overcome feelings of inadequacy and helps you to see behind a façade. A beautiful stone to work with New Moons (particularly fire sign New Moons) as it enhances one's manifestation abilities and draws success and prosperity to your goals. 

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