Isolation Feels

From SLOBess to goddess 🧟‍♀️💁🏼‍♀️ swipe across for the before’s hehehe. I’m finding that getting up and making myself and my space feel beautiful is really helping the ISO wellbeing. The simple joys of freshening up your room with some flowers from the garden, smudging the sluggish energy away, opening your windows, making your bed, lighting some candles, placing an offering and prayer on your alter, popping some (clean) clothes on and a tiny bit of face is so uplifting. I’ve been smashing the trackies all day which has been lovely but today ist’s so nice to feel a little more human again. Highly recommend 😂👏🙏🏻 xx wearing the perfect at home lady of leisure dress - The Sunday dress in Lilac. Available online now and remember to use code ‘Hope and Healing’ at the checkout for 40% off x x