Hello from my Home Studio x x

Hello from my Home studio!!!

I am finally in Angels. I'm still not finished unpacking and setting up so for now you can just see this little snippet hehe but I can tell you I am very relieved to be able to work from a beautiful light filled SPACIOUS space! All of my own! The virtual Harry Potter cupboard I have been working, storing, packing and designing from for the last 4 months is now a distant memory! I can't tell you how glorious it is to be here. This dream of having a 'home studio' is really what kept me going last year when I was really feeling the energetic drain of juggling an independent label plus a shopfront. Knowing that one day I could run my business privately from home, in a beautiful space that inspired creativity, productivity and solace was what sustained my motivation on the days when my strung out self struggled to face the music of a retail frontage workspace. Thank you to the various kind souls who have helped turn what was the dusty old carport into my dream workspace. I feel like my 2020 can finally commence now! xxxx