Full Moon in Libra 29/03/2021

Today’s full Moon in Libra has likely already captured your attention.

This Full Moon is conjunct Venus, Chiron and the Sun in Aries. As you may have already felt; this does bring up an opportunity for healing due to our friend Chiron the wounded healer potentially triggering areas of the self that may need some TLC. I encourage you to really commit to your self care practices under this Full Moon. Feel into the energy of beautiful Libra who priorities all that is beautiful around them and give yourself the love you are yearning for. This will look and feel differently for everyone but if you can, carve out 30 minutes of your time to give back to you. The one person we so often neglect. It might be nice to really embrace Libra’s innate affinity with beauty and set up a little space for yourself that looks and feels beautiful to you. This may be lighting a delicious candle and sitting in solitude, running a flower petal bath, giving yourself a massage with some essential oils or just sitting outside in the sunshine to soak up the beauty of nature.  These little rituals or activities will help soothe the restless heart you may be experiencing and give you the space to work through any yuckiness that may be coming up. Relish in the fact that you also have the added bonus of fire energy thanks to the sun in Aries to really feel supported to back yourself and prioritise not just you but letting go of anything that’s causing you distress.  Remember the Full Moon is most potent today but it’s common to feel her effects in the days before or after her lunation so any rituals can be done at these times also. ;)

As always go gently with yourselves and others. We all may be feeling a little more sensitive than usual. And although it can be uncomfortable; triggers present an opportunity for growth. Be your own alchemist and transform pain into healing and freedom with the help of the sky’s elements Air from Libra and fire from Aries. 

Sending Love Angels xx


Crystal support suggestions for this Moon Are:

Rose Quartz Seer Stone -  Nurturing, soothing and deeply healing Rose Quartz in the form of a seer stone. Seer stones help us to delve into ourselves and discover hidden memories, insights and wisdom. Perfect for using when untangling long forgotten hurts from the past that rise to the surface during this Full Moon. 

Carnelian - To help you channel the fire energy of the sun in Aries under this lunation. Carnelian activates the divine femme energy of the womb to help you feel empowered, confident and connected to Earth energy. Perfect for keeping you grounded during the turbulent winds of this Full Moon in Air sign Libra. 


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