Full Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius

Tomorrow Night at 9:14pm we welcome the Full Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius.   
As we know Full Moon’s = Release. And when combined with a total eclipse = BIGGG RELEASE.

Over the last couple of days you may have been feeling pressure mounting in certain aspects of your life. This will all come to a head tomorrow night and in it's wake, bring about much needed change and relief. Sagittarius is a passionate fire sign.  Under it's influence we can feel a little uneasy with it's impulsive, fast moving and impatient energy. If this is foreign to you it can feel totally derailing. You might wish you could just press pause and ask the universe to ’STOP’! So you can catch your breath. On the contrary this energy might be fuelling you to move forward with the momentum you have been crying out for and you are lapping up metaphysical kick up the bum.

Either way, know that you are safe and ready for what awaits you on the other side of this Eclipse. Lessons will have been showing up for you in the past couple of days and weeks. Revealing where alterations, boundaries or total cutting of ties may need to take place. If you have trouble shaking off the patterns, habits or people you know are no longer serving you; now is the time to ask the universe for the support you need in making this big shift. Declare yourself ready but ask for guidance so that you can stick the landing when you take the plunge and fall forward. I suggest using the Sagittarius element in any rituals you are planning for this eclipse. Fire is wonderful for burning away the old to make way for birthing the new. There is something so powerful and finite about seeing your fears, worries, beliefs, pain, or habits on paper burning away in front of your very eyes.
So if you know there is a shift you need to make; make a date with tomorrow night's Eclipse. Remember you are your own healer and as the moon waxes and wanes; we too work in cyclic patterns. Endings are sometimes just beginnings in disguise. xx

Crystal Recommendations:

Harness the power of this opportunity with these beautiful stones that offer support, protection and encouragement through change.

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magic + new beginnings + self growth
Sodalite is called the Poet's stone for it's ability to help communicate profound philosophical ideas and to connect the logical with the spiritual. It is a strong metaphysical stone that will help you to live up to your ideas of truth and develop and sharpen your intuition. 
Sodalite quiets the inner critic and is very useful for people working in creative fields or anyone starting a new endeavour. It encourages truthfulness within the subconscious to facilitate understanding of one's spirituality and  awakens latent creative abilities. It will stimulate psychic and clairvoyant abilities and is wonderful to use during meditation to help bring clarity and  understanding to your present situation. Sodalite also strengthens the immune system and illuminates negative patterns to help you make positive change. 


peace + anxiety relief + stabilising + support through change

Lepidolite fosters tranquil, peaceful and calming energies for your mind, body and spirit. It is one of the most effective crystals for Anxiety as it naturally contains Lithium , which is often used in anti anxiety medication. Nicknamed the Peacemaker, Lepidolite will guide you from chaotic stages of life, toward calm times of consistent progress and positivity. While the lithium in this stone is said to be good for those with turbulent emotions, it's beneficial for anyone who is in need of a sense of stability. Transitions and times of change are tough, but Lepidolite will provide tranquility and balance, and the journey can be a little bit easier. 


Courage + Ocean energy + Fearlessness
Aquamarine resonates with the energy of the ocean. Ancient tales said these stones were the treasure of mermaids, making them traditional talismans for luck, fearlessness and protection.  A supportive stone for people feeling hyper sensitive to other’s thoughts and emotions or feeling overwhelmed with responsibility.